View Full Version : Can this be manually repaired?

06-02-2005, 09:03 AM
I just bought an e715 for very very cheap on ebay. The guy said the problem was that the right side of the inside screen was fading, and that is true. Now I'm wondering if it can be repaired manually. The phone looks beat up but it works perfectly....Tmobile said they can't 'facilitate' the repair/exchange since I was not the original owner, they recommended that I contact samsung, so I'm planning to on monday. Originally the phone was just to hold me over till July when I'll be quitting T-mobile and jumping to Cingular, but I've gotten attached to this little phone....so I'd like to get it working nicely for the time being.
Please let me know, or maybe if you have any recommendations, other than throwing it away :) As I said, the phone and the outside LCD work fine...just the inside is faded on the right and seems to be 'losing' a color or 2 on that side.