View Full Version : Recycling old phones as a doorbell

09-02-2005, 12:33 PM
What a wonderful idea.
People like me always have some older spare phones.
They actually are sitting on some corner, getting dust...
Why not recycle them to different work while not needing?
Some people recycle, and do some alarm things etc from old phones.

I need doorbell with latest chart hits :D
So, now my idea is to add some keypress to some phones, and add some wires to pcb to make my phones act as doorbell.

All i need now for software, is MadOS or G3n0lite patch to add some defined keypress only to preview-play current ringtone.
You know, when you preview your ringtone, they play about 30s or so unless they have looped to play (almost) endlessly.

I need script for g3n0lite to check if correct keys pressed, and that hooked in to "main screen" phone function (when displaying logo etc, pressing like # and * would jump to some routine).

In human understandable form it would be like:
check key(s) pressed
if pressed define1 and define2
then jump to address xxxxx
if pressed 1
do what it has to do for key 1 ;)

And for routine address to jump when keys pressed, i would need addresses where that preview-ringtone routine starts for next phones:

5510 npm-5 03.53
3310 nhm-5 05.57-06.??
3330 nhm-6 04.50

First prototype i think i will just solder wires into pcb, maybe i will do some other contact things too for doorbell wires, but that kind of g3n0lite patch i would need.

Or, if MadOS could have some predefined ringtones, and suitable doorbell program, i could use it.

So now, i give ball for you, programmers.
Let's do some nice doorbells :)