View Full Version : usb-serial data cable and gender changers!

21-05-2005, 03:40 AM

Can you guys tell me if you think this is possible:

Assume my computer has no usb ports at all.

but I have a mobile phone with a usb data cable.

now would it be possible to connect the usb datacable to a usb gender changer (USBAF-USBAF), to which I connect a usb-serial converter cable, whihc has a female serial end.

This serial end then connects to a DB9 m-m gender changer, which then connects to the serial port in my comp.



Phone datacable --> USBAF-USBAF gender changer --> usb-serial converter cable --> serial male-male DB9 gender changer --> computer serial port

NOW, my million dollar question - will this work the same as connecting the usb data cable to a usb port???

thanks, guys