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23-07-2005, 02:29 PM
Hello to all,

as i promised a week ago, the new client software remote for UPGRADE MODULE/REPAIR Wray's Dongle has been relased on the market.
Begining from today each user that utilises Wray's dongles and wishes to REPAIR or to make an UPGRADE to the new MODULES,
will be able to do that, ONLINE throught the new CLIENT SERVER SOFTWARE REMOTE vers. 4.0
So, it is no longer necessary to send the dongle to your reseller, because now you have the possibility to make an UPGRADE MODULE
or to REPAIR your USB WRAY's DONGLE ONLINE, by yourselft. To evote erorr server problems like: server busy, upgrade module failed,etc...
we have choosen that the server function between 18:00 am - 22.00 pm. (central european time).
In the followings i will present you a fully description how to use this service, and for other tasks and problems, please try
to use e-mail: [email protected]

Any customer of Wray's dongle can make an UPGRADE MODULE/REPAIR throught the new CLIENT SOFTWARE REMOTE. It is available in the official
web site: www.wraymogg.ro in the download area. Both the clients who need to make a REPAIR or simply to make an UPGRADE have to send
an E-mail to: [email protected] with the following details:

1. SN(serial number dongle)
2. Dongle TYPE(this might be: L, L+E, L+E+O+V, L+E+O+V+Z).
3. The opperation needed: (UPGRADE MODULE or REPAIR DONGLE)
4. Reseller name
5. Contact e-mail
6. KEY FILE (the file generated by the Client server when it this is executed).
Nota: L=lurker alcatel, E=evolver mitsubishi, O=siemens overload, V=vector samsung, Z=zealot philps

This is an exemple for the users that need to REPAIR DONGLE:
1. SN = A1630CB6
2. L+E
3. REPAIR (tampered dongle)
4. Reseller: alfamobilteam
5. E-mai: [email protected]
6. A1630CB6.inf (fisierul atasat

This is an exemple for the users that need to UPGRADE MODULE DONGLE:
1. SN = A1630CB6
2. L+E
3. UPGRADE(from L+E to L+E+Z)
4. Reseller: alfamobilteam
5. E-mail: [email protected]
6. A1630CB6.inf (the attached file)

Here is what you have to do in case you want to REPAIR or UPGRADE MODULE DONGLE:

1. Make download to client server remote from the official website: www.wraymogg.ro in the download area.
2. Run the Client software remote (this will generate a file as: A1630CB6.inf). THis file has to be attached together with all the informations
written above and has to be send to email: [email protected]
3. We receive the e-mail, we check the details if they are true, and after words, you will receive an e-mail with KEY FILES (for upgrade module or
repair dongle) and informations about the time when your dongle will be programmed.(usually not more than 24 hours).
ATENTION: If you have been programmed for the upgrade module or repair dongle the second day and you still haven't made
the operation on the server, the key you have received in your e-mail is no more available for you(this will expire).
That's for you have to send again an e-mail with the details and we will send you a new KEY FILE. So, be very ATENTIVE to the e-mail that nottifies
you about the time you are programmed for the upgrade module or for the repair dongle.As wise the user has to specify when he is available or
when he wishes to make the repair/upgrade module, ONLINE. As i have speciffied above,for the server not to be over congested, we have decided to
open the server between 18:00pm - 22.00pm (e.c.t)
4. After you have received the KEY FILE, you have to attach it to the same folder with the Client Software Server remote.
5. Run Client.exe and follow the instructions speciffied in the server.

Here is screenshots about the informations i have presented to you above:
1. Client software remote server:Http://www.alfamobil.ro/img/wray/client_c.gif
2. The file that has to be attached and send to : [email protected]://www.alfamobil.ro/img/wray/client_d.gif
3. The file you receive for the UPGRADE MODULE or REPAIR DONGLE and that has to be put in to the same folder with the client server remote softwareHttp://www.alfamobil.ro/img/wray/client_e.gif
4. How the final message from the server has to look like if the operation has been developped successfully.http://www.alfamobil.ro/img/wray/client_a.gif

Please note:
For the client server remote software vers.4.0 you can make download from the official website: www.wraymogg.ro (download area) and for more tasks
please mail to: [email protected]
Soon , in the next week, login in download area with best's flash files, language packs, repair solutions for our product:
Alcatel phones, Mitsubshi phones, Siemenes phones X65 series, Samsung phones, Philips phones.

The upgrade for the dongle isn't free,only repairing it doesn't cost you anything.if you wish to make an upgrade with certain modules,the prices are different if you want to attach more than one module.right here,below,you have a full description for the prices and the promotions here: