View Full Version : restricted file transfers on MyX5-2

12-10-2005, 05:43 PM
Hi, I got a Sagem MyX5-2 five months ago and bought a (cheap knockoff - no way was I paying 45 euro for piece of wire and some simple circuitry....) datacable for it so that I could transfer ringtones and java programs.

However, I found that the software supplied (and indeed, the phone itself) doesn't allow Java programs to be sent to the phone - instead, owners of the phone are expected to put their programs on the web and download them over WAP, paying their provider for it when they've got a perfectly good cable that should do the job.

Anyway, what I'm getting at is that I'd like to find a way around this and upload my programs to the phone through the data cable.
I backed up the phone's EEPROM/flash/whatever (although I couldn't read the RAM) and was able to read all but fields 94, 191, 192, 231, 251, 252, and 253.

Does anyone have any information that might help me reverse engineer this data and write the modified results back to the phone, without ruining the thing?

I heard that these phones have an ARM based architecture - if so, I think that's a modified MIPS instruction set which should be straightforward to program.

Anyone got any experience with these matters?

Any info appreciated!