View Full Version : 5 Strikes and you're out on Nokia N70

13-02-2006, 07:31 PM
Hi there,

I'd previously tried the backdoor methods to try and get an unlock code for the N70 with no success. I've now tried 5 times unsuccessfully and as such any further attempts to unlock the phone are met with "Not Allowed". I've just received an unlock code for my N70 via Orange (paid them the 20), which is useless because I can't enter any more codes.

Does anyone know of a way I can get this attempt count reset back to 0?



13-02-2006, 09:04 PM
I think it's less than 5, it's 3. At least, on 6680 and 6630 series there are only 3 tries. Since N series and 6630/80 series belong to the BB5 generation, I would think they all share the 3 attempts limit.

Unfortunately, there is no solution or way to reset the counter to 0. Even flashing the phone, which is possible, will not turn the counter to 0 (which happens in DCT4 phones).

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