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23-02-2006, 05:44 AM

this is the NokArm tool made by g3gg0 and nok5rev.
its primary a replacement for IDA but with an integrated
ARM debugger (thanks to the GBA project). its far not
that user friendly like IDA and has just a little part of it's

but it still is very useful

this program was made to debug DCT-3/4 flahsfiles
without the need to use a cracked/illegal version of the
famous disassembler.

feel free to modify this tool and RELEASE your modified sources...

A - ARM disassemble
T - Thumb disassemble

2 - 2 bytes data
4 - 4 bytes data
8 - 8 bytes data
9 - 12 bytes data
0 - 16 bytes data

e - make comment for current line
N - add function name (for the current line)
n - add function name for the current line or change existing function name (if on a BL line)
v - delete from comment the autocalculated register value
p - add/delete from comment the presumed PPM string
x - erase xrefs from comments

` - try to disassemble more lines as good as possible

Ctrl+Right - jump to address in line
Left/Right - go forward/back in jumps

F12 - start searching for the address where the current value is references
F11 - continue F12 search

Cursor commands:

Up/Down - move cursor line
Shift+Up/Down - move lines and keep cursor still
Ctrl+Up/Down - move lines and keep cursor on same line

Emulator commands:
F4 - run to line
Shift+F5 - toggle skip line (if it's a blocking function call)
F5 - make breakpoint
F7 - step into
F8 - step over
F9 - start emulation from this line (init emu if needed)
Shift-F9 - start clean emulation from this line (always init emu)
* - go to current emulator address

Rx - modify register x (x is hexa number of register)


23-02-2006, 05:32 PM
Hi Mr. Ds,

I think U have missed this one:

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