View Full Version : Samsung D500 Flash Crashed

31-03-2006, 06:11 PM
Samsung D500 Flash Crashed

Hello ,
Is there a way for me to repair my phone,
whilst flashing the phone to D500XAEB1 the programme froze at
about 80% of completion, the phone appears to work ok except
that now sus & winiemi 1.07 cannot read the imei.
I can with the *#06# code see my imei.
When i try to re flash (Corona Downloader 3.2)
i get this message:

**wait for connect request from mobile...
**(power on the phone!)
**send '0x44' to swift chip
**connection granted from swift chip
**recieved 16 bytes from swift chip
**sending the customer ID and the same 16 bytes to swift chip...Fail!

The phone cannot enter TAT mode with Corona Downloader 3.2

The phone can enter TAT in 1.07 but fails to read/write etc.

Has the frozen flash detroyed my phone or can i get around
this problem and somehow re flash?
Any help or advise would be warmly wellcomed

Best Regards.