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28-05-2006, 02:01 PM
Here I will tell you of some common 6310i faults and the solutions to...

First we have the "No Bluetooth" fault. This is where you try to turn on the bluetooth, but the menu wont select either "On" or "Off"...

In the picture you will see a Transistor that has been circled in red... this is the transistor that "Turns on" or "Enables" the Bluetooth Module, this is a very common transistor to go faulty. If your flashing the phone and it fails as it flashes the Bluetooth portion, just UNTICK the "Enable BT Flashing" tick box and flash again, if it passes flash then you must replace the transistor and reflash the phone...

Replacing the Transistor is very difficult as it sits underneath the corner of the Baseband can... to replace it you must remove the Can of the PCB OR cut VERY carefully the can at the corner, be carefull not to damage any of the discretes or the transistor pads!!

If you have replaced the component and flashed the phone and the Bluetooth STILL fails then you must replace the entire Bluetooth Module...


14-06-2006, 11:00 PM
Contact Service is mostly caused by the VCO failing (90% of the time) the other times its the RFIC (MJOELNER)...

circled in red in the picture is the VCO which is under a soldered can... you must be VERY careful when removing the can not to damage the UEM which is very near by and undersealed!!



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