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05-07-2006, 03:01 PM
TriX beta release v0.2

This release of TriX is functional, but still misses many things ;)
it contains two binaries:

QTriX.exe The Qt-GUI version of TriX
TriX.exe The known commandline version

I will now explain the QTriX.exe since i think you will only use that one..

The QTriX window shows a tab on the left where you can select between
"General", "Scripts" and "Editor" tab. On the right side theres the output
window of thescript (and the engine). In the "General" tab, you can select
between some modes called "NeTriX", "Simple", "DCT-3 Phone Firmware" and
"DCT-4 Phone Firmware".

You dont have to configure anything more when u select this one.
it will disable the other tabs ("Scripts" and "Editor") since u dont need
them in this mode. clicking on "Start" will execute the scripts from

when u selected "Simple" mode, then you _can_ specify an input and
output file. thats mostly useful for any the scripts _even_ those related
to nokia firmware patching.

"DCT-3 Phone Firmware"
its just there to allow loading dct3 flashfiles and specifying the load
address in case of PPM. u wont need it since it has no other functionality
than the DCT-4 mode for now. The load address for PPM is not working yet.

"DCT-4 Phone Firmware"
this mode does not more than allowing you to specify TWO input and
TWO output files to the engine. You will somewhen need them when we
have integrated PPM parsing and patching.

The modes just make the UI look a bit different and allow you to specify
one or more files depending on the mode u selected. nothing more.

=> I think everyone of you is happy with the "Simple" mode. <=

Below that "Mode" selector, theres a saving mode selector, allowing you to
choose between "Normal File Saving", "Dry-mode" and "Partial Writing".

"Normal File Saving"
When the script or the QTriX UI will save a file, it really gets written.
Normally u want that ;)

No file will ever get written when u select this mode. The script and the
UI will not over-/write any file. (at least it shouldnt ;) )

Note: loading and saving the project (not done yet) and scripts in the
"Editor" tab will still work.

"Partial Writing"
If you select that write mode, any created DCT4 flashfile is just a
partial flash, containing the changed 16k flashblocks. Its very useful
for patching the firmware, since flashing just takes 2 seconds then ;)
oh, but i didnt test that mode with the QTriX version. but should work

When you want to execute a script, you can decide between a list of scripts
and the editor. For now the list of Scripts tab is more or less useless ;)
It just allows you to add scripts to the list. they get compiled and show
a "Star" if the script was loaded successfully AND is signed by me or krisha.
If the script is not signed by me or krisha, it will show just a green "ok"
symbol. If compilation of the script failed, it will show a red cross.

But as i said, the Scripts list will _not_work_yet_. Forget that tab ;)

=> Just click on the "Editor" tab <=
and load a script with the "Import..." button into the editor. if you now
click on "Start", the script in the editor will get executed.

I included a sample script called FileChecker.trz. Normally TriX scripts have
the extension trx, but the trz are bzip2 compressed versions. you can simply
load and save them in the TriX editor page. If you save a script as test.trx
it will get saved plaintext, if you save it as test.trz it will get compressed.

In the toolbar theres a button named "Show Workspaces". This magic button
will bring up a Workspace Viewer right before the scirpt gets executed.
If you are a script hacker, you can see what files the UI loaded for you
and how these files got decoded and decrypted.

Try this:
on "General" tab, select "Simple mode". Activate the "Input File" and open a
DCT-4 Flashfile. Then click on the "Editor" tab. Now Click on the
"Show Workspaces" button in the toolbar so it stays pressed.
Now press "Start" and you will see the "Workspace Viewer".

quick notes:
=> I think everyone of you is happy with the "Simple" mode. <=
=> If you press "Start" it will exec depending on the curr. selected tab <=
=> Just use the "Editor" tab, "Scripts" is not usable yet <=
=> *.trz are compressed *.trx files <=

available downloads:

- Complete package [3.1Mb] (contains needed msvcrt/Qt4 libraries)
- Binaries package [415kb] (just contains the exe's)
- Qt 4.1.4 package [2.2Mb] (just contains Qt libs)
- msvcrt package [460kb] (just contains msvcrt libs)
- test scripts [72kb]
(some -very old- scripts for you to understand how TriX works)

= i hope some of you will test that project =

Copyright 2006 by g3gg0 and krisha

thanks @ Yak for that initial UI design ;)

= Total Lines Of Code: 70,022 =

Complete: http://g3gg0.de/~geggo/dct4/trix/TriX_v0.2_complete.zip
Binaries: http://g3gg0.de/~geggo/dct4/trix/TriX_v0.2_bin.zip
Qt libs: http://g3gg0.de/~geggo/dct4/trix/TriX_Qt_libs.zip
msvcrt: http://g3gg0.de/~geggo/dct4/trix/TriX_MSCRT_libs.zip
test scripts: http://g3gg0.de/~geggo/dct4/trix/TriX_test_scripts.zip

beginner's guide: http://www.gsmfreeboard.com/forum/showthread.php?t=130271

have fun

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u _NOW_ will learn C? ;)

until now a hand full of people downloaded TriX..
WOW -.-
DCT4 modding died before it started? :)

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beginner's guide: http://www.gsmfreeboard.com/forum/showthread.php?t=130271

have fun

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beginner's guide: http://www.gsmfreeboard.com/forum/showthread.php?t=130271

have fun

nice , tuts. now ND must learn Trix. unless music keeps him busy. or some new girls in the next doors. LOL


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the girls? depends...
if ice age III is already planned, then yes ;)