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22-09-2006, 11:10 AM
I'm looking to buy an N Series phone and have zeroed in on the N73 or the N80.

Which one is recommended to go for? Are there any users for these, what are your experiences?

30-09-2006, 03:15 PM

Both Fine Phones.

These phones have both great Camera's and both excellent displays.
The N80 is killed by the magical display of the N73 which lacks in resolution, but still, its a great bright display which i have seen and i was blown away on how great it was.

Design wise, i'd go for the N80. The sliding phones have hit the market and are booming, i prefer a slider (i have a D600 love it..) so, design wise. N80.

However, you may wish to test drive both of these phones before your final purchase. Both lack in some departments. In the N73, the key pad is the sh*test thing i have ever used. Its too small for regular fingers.

With the N80, the sliding technique has no forceful spring action, so its rusty sliding and annoying.

All in All. Both excellent phones.
Myself I would go for the N73, only because the display would leave me the envy of my small screened friends!! hahah!!:lol: :lol:

Hope I Helped!!

10-03-2007, 07:21 AM
I decided on the N73 now i just have to afford it.