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08-06-2007, 09:58 AM
Hi, can someone please clarify something for me?

I need to know exactly what is needed to change IMEI on a Nokia E65 (BB5).

I have researched for ages! I am sooooo confused... I dont know what all this UEM and RPL stuff is.

All I know is that the question "can the IMEI be changed" has many mixed responses. Many people saying it cant be done, many others saying yes it can but you need new UEM and RPL, others saying you can flash-patch the fone so it gets programmed to look for IMEI in flash memory, others saying JAF box + Griffin server logs?????????

I know the law regarding IMEI changing...

This is my situation...

I upgraded to an E65
One was sent out
1 week passed and I had not received it
Network provider issued a 2nd one
Network provider put IMEI of first one on blocked database
second phone arrived after 2 days
next day, the first phone finally arrives
I ring network provider asking what to do with it
"If you could, send it back, but if you do not want to pay postage, then recycle or bin the phone, it is no good to anybody now!"
Brand new E65! No good!
Seems a BIG WASTE! :(

I would like to change the IMEI and put my other SIM card in it.

Also, can I just use an IMEI off an old nokia I have lying around? (5110). If not, I have IMEI off a E65 in china, and one from USA, would it work if I changed it to this?

Please somebody tell me all the ways this can be done, so I can see which is best for me. If replacing a chip will do the trick, Im sure I can do this if someone showed me the chip to buy (UEM). I would much rather flash-patch if this is possible....

Thanks in advance

03-07-2007, 10:00 PM
its against the law to change your imei your looking at jail for doing it

12-07-2007, 01:12 PM
Your best bet is to buy a broken E65 off ebay and make one good one from the two.

An IMEI from the US or China will cause all sorts of problems - how would the network know if its your phone or the US visitor over here?

13-07-2007, 08:32 AM
uem is the chip that holds the original serial number of the phone. but some files of imei is in the flash chip. sure you can change the serial number of the unit. by changing these to chips and filling it with a new rpl. before i forget. rpl is the type of program inputted in the uem and flash chip. hope it is clear?