View Full Version : Samsung E590

18-11-2008, 12:20 PM

Firstly, I'm unsure if this is the right section, so please feel free to move it if it's not.

Secondly, I have a Samsung E590 which I would like to modify to accept MicroSDHC cards & support more than 120 songs (it's limited to 4 playlists & 30 songs per playlist). The reason for this is that the phone is absolutely tiny, and I'm happy with everything else it can do, but I'd really love it if I could replace my ipod with a 16gb MicroSDHC card (and eventually a 32gb card when they're released) just so I don't have to carry around so much crap with me everywhere (currently my 30gb iPod comes with me everywhere, as it always has done for almost 2 years, and it holds music/video/pictures/random documents/etc).

If this is not possible, then I'll continue to carry both my phone and my iPod around. But it'd be nice if I could just carry one thing.

Also, does anyone know where I can get a silicone case for this phone? If not, I'll continue to use the ever-annoying crystal case that I have.