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25-11-2009, 01:03 PM
As a DVDs fans, people collect a lot of DVDs in hand. They usually are your favorite movies, your happy memory or else. However, with DVDs disc getting more and more, they are becoming a big issue. These discs take up too much space say sitting on a set of shelves in your living room and its hard to organize.

If you got a pretty extensive DVD collection, and are looking for good software or hosted solution for keeping track of and cataloging your library, then you are right here. Below I will introduce how to rip DVD to hard drive with iSkysoft DVD Ripper.

Things you will need

iSkysoft DVD Ripper
DVD Disc


To speed up the process before conversion, youd better close any un-necessary activity to save more room and CPU usage for ripping DVD. Blow away any previous tools and software you might have installed that you don't need and you think might conflict with getting a good DVD rip. And finally make sure there is enough room to copy DVD to hard drive.

Get start

Step 1 Run iSkysoft DVD Ripper, Click "Add" to load your DVDs to the software.
While you are browsing your files, you are freely either to choose your ISO files, IFO files, or your DVD folder. In a minute, your video files will be listed on the left panel.


Step 2 Output settings
Go to "Format" to set the output video format, "Output" to set your output destination.

Generally, if you are not planning to put your DVD files on your iPod, iPhone, or else, then just choose "lossless DVD Copy (.vob)" which means to copy a DVD to hard drive with quality lossless. Otherwise, choose the exact output format according to your players.

Step 3 Start conversion
Now, you are ready to start conversion by just clicking "start".

Other tools for reference
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