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09-11-2002, 09:07 AM
:D Hi peeps
im fatladz
im a mobile phone led fitter.
Ive done over 4,000 phones to date with over 2,000 in the last year.
i have done quite alot of local shops work but recently sold my round of shops to my ex employee lighten the workload .
im doing a full time diploma course in computers and needed the break.:)
i now only do phones via the internet :eek:
but still get a steady flow.
i have 6 pages of refs on 1 forum 2 pages on another and a 100+ positive feedbacks on ebay.
Ive run FatLadZ International for a few years now and its pretty much become a household amongst quite a few forums.
i am a moderator on a gsm forum on the net too (when i can find the time)
looks like a nice forum you have here :D
Hello to all that know me and to everyone who doesnt know me they soon will :)