• Nokia Android codename Normandy 2014

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    According to the latest gossips of Nokia launching an Android phone have been around for a while, with some resources revealing returning in September that the company had been examining Android operating system on its Android gadgets in the past. Such attempts are still ongoing, according to resources who say the future system is codenamed "Normandy" and is operating a forked edition of Android operating system.

    The people over at The Verge talked with several resources who say this system is known by a wide range of titles at Nokia, and that it is designed to be a low-end affordable Nokia Android.

    Though there is not much in way of information on the Android operating system aspect of the product, it is revealed the phone operates an Android operating system edition that is not in range with what you get from Search engines, being in comparison to, for structure of referrals, a more exclusive providing like what you find on the Kindle Tabs.

    Normandy is said to be an Android-based providing similar the business's formerly launched Asha mobile phones, of which three new designs were combined out returning in October, perhaps providing us an idea of we can anticipate from Normandy - something small and affordable, but not exactly cheap with regards to develop and design quality. While the Nokia Android range is attractive for the comparative market that it consumes, Normandy would bring something to the desk that the Asha mobile phones do not: access to a broader range of applications.

    The resources say that Android has informed its workers the Normandy system will be reaching racks sometime next year, with one particular source being estimated as explaining the handset's growth initiatives as 'full vapor forward'.

    Allegedly, the Nokia Android will be able to run Skype and some other big-name and oft-downloaded applications. How this will play out with the Microsoft company deal, which was just given the go-ahead by the Western Partnership, is yet to be seen, however.

    In early October, term appeared through Bloomberg that Microsoft Company had reportedly requested this Nokia to offer Microsoft windows Phone as an extra operating system on some of its Android operating system phone, though how such would have been achieved was not entirely clear. A few days after this, another tip appeared revealing that Huawei and New Samsung were contacted in a similar way, and that such was an effort on Microsoft's aspect to get its Nokia Android operating system into more hands.

    Lastly, The Verge has stated the leaker @evleakshas actually showed the latest Nokia Normandy. On 25th of November 2014, the leaker has posted the picture without knowing what it actually was, whether it was a Lumia or a true Asha. However, the leaker has put its name correctly as the 'Nokia Normandy'.

    However, that being said, we need to keep in mind that it still is only a rumor. There is no point of getting all excited and thrilled about what the very first Nokia Android mobile phone ever to be manufactured.