• New Nokia low cost Android

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    Nokia has been developing its new Android operating system phone according to several sources familiar with the business's plans. Codenamed Normandy, as well as known internal person at Nokia under a number of other titles, Nokia's Low cost smartphone is designed as the subsequent step in low-end mobile phones from the Finnish Android phone manufacturer. We can understand that Nokia? has been examining Normandy with a particular forked? edition of Android operating system that is not arranged with Google's own edition, similar to what Amazon does with its Amazon kindle Fire.

    An image of the product was already released in the November by @evleaks, showing a Lumia-style system with no obvious capacitive control buttons for routing. We have told that Normandy facilitates Android operating system programs like Skype, and other popular top programs. This company has been developing the Nokia's Low cost smartphone despite Microsoft?s programs to acquire the business's system business. It?s now uncertain whether the Nokia will launch the product before the Microsoft company deal is completed, or whether Microsoft Company will continue with the programs for the product.

    Lately, the Nokia launched an over-the-air Asha application system upgrade for the popular Nokia Asha 501. The headline-grabbing function in the upgrade has been the addition of IM application and WhatsApp. The new functions involved on Asha 501 through the application upgrade had already been exposed by the company during the introduction of the Asha 500, Asha 503 as well as Asha 502 at Nokia World. Some significant changes in Nokia's Low cost smartphone is involved access to the camera application with the help of single run on the lock screen, and taking pictures by in contact with anywhere on the display of camera.

    Further, with another run one can go to the gallery and modify pictures with recently involved filtration and results. Nokia has also renewed the Fastlane UI on the Asha 501, which now functions an entertaining alarm and enhanced comfort functions on the lock screen, enabling customers to choose between a notifying symbol, and a complete notification with information.

    Several resources have exposed to The Verge that Normandy is developed as an Asha comparative to force low-cost gadgets with access to more conventional smart phone applications something the organization has fought to achieve for its series 40- Asha line. Nokia?s attempt is similar to Amazon?s own use of Android OS, enabling the organization to personalize it fully for its own use. Nokia workers working on Normandy were advised the Nokia's Low cost smartphone is organized as a 2014 launch, and one expert described the Normandy attempt as "full vapor forward." Unless Nokia controls to launch Normandy before its Microsoft organization deal, we cannot think about Microsoft organization is interested in using Android OS to focus on the low-end over its own Windows Phone OS.

    We are not going to observe a high end Lumia operating Android operating system, but it will be exciting to see where Nokia goes with an Android operating system flavorful Asha, Nokia's Low cost smartphone. Nokia?s strong points so far have been in their technological innovation of camera and picture even at low solutions, which are both factors low end Android operating system mobile phones generally fall over in return for reduced expenses. The components is predicted to be declared some time in 2014, so in a crazy way this is will be a Microsoft company supported project.