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  1. Hello old buddy. Sorry to bother you, but i remember like 7 or 8 years ago when we were struggling with flashing all these nasty dct-3 mods. Now there's no fun with these annoying touch screens and windows and apps phones. I reminish the way things were back then. I even saw this topic where this guy expressed his feelings it was as he said what i wanted to say.

    I would just like to ask you, can you mod dct4 phones, just like you would dct3? I remember i had a 3310. Turned it to 3315, added minutebeep, 7 bars, changed texts and pictures and factory ringtones. Added this mod where you could invert the monochrome screen, enabled spy phone, and possibly lots more i cant recall right now.

    I'm thinking of getting a 6310i. IS it possible for me to do to that phone all the things i have done on 3310?

    I will anxiously be waiting for your response. Thank You so much!
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