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Thread: Issues (Still) with my flashing

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    Issues (Still) with my flashing

    Hi all,

    Hope your not getting bored of my queries, but here goes..

    I have the flasher cable, and have tried flashing my 3310 with KNok, to remove the SP lock, as it is a phone I bought and used in the UK, but can't, obviously, use it here in Australia.

    Anyway, it all seems to go swimmingly, I made full backups of everything, however when I upload the partial flash for 3310-4.24, it still says Sim card not accepted.

    Is there anything else I should be trying? I put in the start address of 00270000, gap of 0, or am I totally on the wrong track here?

    I did pull a log file 'dump' from my phone, and it seems to look ok, but what would I know..anyway, heres some of it..any help much appreciated..


    MSSW: NHM-5 (3310)
    Software version: 04.24
    Language pack: B
    Detected phone settings: 65, 05
    2nd MCU starts at: 0020021C
    MCU information starts at: 002001FC
    16bit MCU checksum: BCB5
    ASIC ID is: A1
    Config ID is: 20650F5905FD8012
    16bit MCU checksum from phone RAM is: BCB5
    Project specification is: 20002432FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF
    Spare ID is: FFFFFFFF8E67ED93
    Phone RAM checksum is : B0

    Number of MCU blocks: 2
    MCU block 0 starts at 00200000 ends at 00200023
    MCU block 1 starts at 00200024 ends at 0032FFFF

    Number of PPM blocks: 8

    End of PPM is: 003D0000
    PPM block 0 starts at 0033002C ends at 0033025F, 32bit checksum is 75AA6F45
    PPM block 1 starts at 00330260 ends at 00330413, 32bit checksum is C216F3AD
    PPM block 2 starts at 00330414 ends at 00333B37, 32bit checksum is AB96779D
    PPM block 3 starts at 00333B38 ends at 0036448B, 32bit checksum is 8C7D1374
    PPM block 4 starts at 0036448C ends at 00364B0F, 32bit checksum is 6675AA43
    PPM block 5 starts at 00364B10 ends at 003661A7, 32bit checksum is E50C62E1
    PPM block 6 starts at 003661A8 ends at 00367A2B, 32bit checksum is B12C2280
    PPM block 7 starts at 00367A2C ends at 003CADD7, 32bit checksum is 4B2130C6

    Number of EEPROM blocks: 1
    EEPROM block 0 starts at 003E0000 ends at 003F0000
    EEPROM block 0 16bit checksum 1 is 9912
    EEPROM block 0 16bit checksum 2 is 01FF
    IMEI in EEPROM block 0 is: 350139103065
    Security IMEI in EEPROM block 0 is: 350139103065
    Security code in EEPROM block 0 is: 12345

    Number of PMM blocks: 8
    PMM block 0 starts at 003F0000 ends at 003F2000
    Number of entries in PMM block 0 is: 0
    PMM block 1 starts at 003F2000 ends at 003F4000
    Number of entries in PMM block 1 is: 0
    PMM block 2 starts at 003F4000 ends at 003F6000
    Number of entries in PMM block 2 is: 0
    PMM block 3 starts at 003F6000 ends at 003F8000
    Number of entries in PMM block 3 is: 0
    PMM block 4 starts at 003F8000 ends at 003FA000
    Number of entries in PMM block 4 is: 0
    PMM block 5 starts at 003FA000 ends at 003FC000
    Number of entries in PMM block 5 is: 0
    PMM block 6 starts at 003FC000 ends at 003FE000
    Number of entries in PMM block 6 is: 0
    PMM block 7 starts at 003FE000 ends at 003FFFFF
    Number of entries in PMM block 7 is: 0

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    Hi. do you happen to have an mbus datacable with you? if so kindly check with nokiatool the status of your locks. So that we can know exatcly what is wrong.

    While your at it, just use knok or bphreaks eepromtool3.1 or rolis noktool18 to clear the sp locks of your phone...

    Also you can use Rolis' Nokia DCT3 Flasher v.471 or v4.77 or 4.78. Its easier and safer to flash your phone there. And you may or may not need a repair flash (MCU)

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    Hi Vinny,

    thanks for the reply..

    Alas, I don't have an Mbus cable(D'oh!), I am thinking of picking one up.
    In the meantime, my phone now says Contact Service on the screen..have seen the issue discussed on the board a couple of times, however it doesn't make sense to me. Tried restoring my full backup to the phone, with no luck.

    Is there any way I can
    a.)still correct my phone with the flasher cable and software?( I am using Knok)
    b.)convert my flasher cable to an mbus cable.

    Rahter ignorantly, I tried a 25 pin to 9 pin converter on my flasher cable, but this didn't work.

    Thanks again.


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