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Thread: Hack the telephone

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    Hack the telephone

    Good day.

    I'm not sure if I chose the correct category to post this thread, but if it's not the right one I suppose a moderator could just place it in the correct category.

    I tried asking this at another forum, but it seems that what I'm asking cannot be done, but I decided to try here as well to see if it can be done after all. Seeing as this site focuses on Nokia it might be possible.

    I have a Nokia 5140i which I would like to change a bit, and I thought I might get help to do so here.

    I would like to remove som things, such as themes, and other unnecessary things I don't use. I thought I could try to optimize memory control and speed in the phone. If I try to remove system folders directly in the phone it of course says that it won't work, so I thought that if I connect the phone to the computer perhaps it would work somehow. If it's not that easy, is there any program I could use to hack the phone?

    When I start/shut off the phone it also shows "NOKIA" and "TELIA" (the operator) as images, and I can understand that "NOKIA" shows up but I believe that "TELIA" shows up because the phone is locked to their network, and I suspect that image is located in the phone's firmware because I haven't been able to remove it directly in the phone. I do not want to unlock the phone, just be able to reach its firmware so that I can change some things in it and also remove that "TELIA" image.

    To summarize, what I want is to somehow, with some program or not, remove some things I don't want in the phone and have it to work afterwards.

    It would also be interesting to know what exactly is updated in the telephone's different firmware versions that apparently exists.

    Anyone who is able to help?

    Thanks in advance.

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    change the product code of ur phone with nemesis and then update it...

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    A more in-depth explanation, perhaps?

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