Can anyone help me?
I recently purchased a Nokia 3595 on ebay (brand new, sealed in box)
It turned out to be a T-Mobile phone, so I had to unlock it to use on cingular.
All is well as far as that goes.

Here is my problem. I want to be able to use wireless internet, but I cant due to t-mobiles t-zones settings programed into the phone. I also would like to use AIM messanger over SMS instead of GRPS. With t-mobiles interface grps is the only option you have.
From what I have read it seems that there is no way of getting rid of t-zones without flashing the phone.
Can someone tell me where to get the firmware and proper hardware to flash the phone? or do you know of any other way to accomplish what I want to do? Everyone is saying that this is possible, yet I have heard of no one who has accomplished this. It seems that the 3595 firmware doesnt even exist online.
Does anyone have the firmware for the 3595 that includes AIM? Can you please send it to me?
Also, what hardware (cable/ box/ whatever) and software do I need to flash the 3595?
Seems like this problem has been around for quite a while.. Did everyone give up or does anyone have a solution?