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Thread: HELP Required - Nokia 7610/Orange UK

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    HELP Required - Nokia 7610/Orange UK

    Hi, I have an anoying prob on my 7610. Ever since someone left me a voicemail a while back - through Orange answerphone, the voicemail icon (that sits under the battery meter) has yet to dissapear, even though I have erased all voicemails and checked for new ones.

    It's been there a month already and it's bugging the hell out of me, as I can never tell if I really have voicemail or not. Funnily enough I had the exact same prob on my last phone, a 7650 also on Orange. The icon was on there 4+ months before I decided to get rid of it and upgrade.

    The new phone has a brand new SIM. Also, I've contacted Orange about this and as always they are unhelpful. Would opting out of Orange Answerphone get rid of this anoyance?

    Anyone else have similar probs? help would be much apreciated, Thanks guys!

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    Bloody Answerfone icon on display....

    I also have this annoyance when using my 3220 on Orange.
    I've unlocked the fone, and used an O2 sim. The icon aint there with O2, so I assume it's a balls up from Orange when updating the answerfone register on the sim.
    I've also tried calling Orange "customer services"... What a waste of time.
    If anyone has a real fix for this, I'd appreciate the info.


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