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Thread: Flashing other language by Nokia Service Center

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    Flashing other language by Nokia Service Center


    I need a little help,
    I got a 7610, it's an imported one from Spain and I'm using it in Belgium
    now I want to have the firmware upgraded but the people from the service center say that they can't promise they will be able to flash dutch language in it as it is an import from Spain
    I think it's nonsense and they only tell me that because I didn't buy the phone at their store but I'm not sure
    I remember with my 8210 (which I used to flash myself) you could easily select the language by simply flashing another language pack in it

    so my question is: are they lying to me or are they telling the truth
    I would like some feedback if possible so that I have a correct technical explanation when I go back to have it flashed

    thanks so much in advance!

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    take it to the Nokia Service Center and they will change it for you sometimes they charge

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