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Thread: Flash files?

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    Flash files?

    So let's say I go BUY one of the flash tools out there for Nokia - Griffin or similar.

    How do you get the flash FILES? I assume since they change all the time, and Nokia doesn't have them for download on their web site (not unreasonable, since you cant USE them without the box) they have to come from somewhere....

    Do you need to be an authorized Nok repair center to get them? Or is there some other (not stealing them) method of getting those?

    This may be a noob question but I can't find it in the forums (I DID search - if I missed it I apologize)....

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    Usually when buying a flashing device you get a CD/DVD with sw for flashing and also with firmware updated to the moment of the purchase. You also get access to a restricted area where you can download firmware and sw updates (at least for the first year since they start chrging after that)
    Remember i said "usually" so don't take it for granted

    Another solution is to register at a download site but you'll have to pay a monthly/annual fee for the access

    Another solution is p2p

    searching and asking won't kill you, will only make you wiser (please search before you ask! )
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    I know this may be a loaded question - but is there a significant difference in the various flash devices? There is a HUGE difference in prices!

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