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Thread: Unlocking a Nokia 8390

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    Unlocking a Nokia 8390

    I picked up a nice Nokia 8390 and I haven't been able to figure out how to unlock it. Most of the freeware out there doesn't seem to work for this model.

    It is a US AT&T model, with an IMEI number of


    The code is:


    However, that last digit may be an O

    Thanks, in advance!


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    Try this code with no sim. you get the p and the w by pressing the # key a couple of times. hope it helps!

    #pw+425 267 056 314 365+7#

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    I have the same phone locked to AT&T the IMEI# is 010093302607711 can someone please tell me how to unlock this on the calc or give me the code for this? Thank you.

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