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Thread: Nokia 6030 - from GSM 850/1800 to GSM 900!! How was this done?

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    Nokia 6030 - from GSM 850/1800 to GSM 900!! How was this done?

    I'm posting to find some answers. I bought a T-Mobile Nokia 6030 off eBay a couple of months ago. It was carrier locked, and I managed to get unlock codes off some website and had it working with a Cingular SIM card.

    Now I'm presently traveling, and the Nokia 6030 is useless in most parts of Asia since its a dual band phone (GSM 850/1800 according to most sources). I checked multiple SIM cards from network operators who appear to be using GSM 900 band and obviously it didn't work. As a last ditch attempt, I took the phone to a local mobile shop and they said they could fix it up for me.

    I paid about $20 and it was unbelievable...they got the phone working. My original T-mobile interface is gone - it seems that they flashed the phone with new firmware from Nokia, but they won't admit to what they did with the phone physically. I don't mind - the new firmware looks great, they put in themes and tones and overall...did a good job. I asked them what they did, but there were no valid answers.

    Can any of you please tell me how this was done? And is there any way to check what bands my phone supports now? How can I check the firmware version of the phone?

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    you can enter *#0000# into phone it will show on screen rm 74-rm rm75 or the latest rm225

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