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Thread: Forum distribution need some work!! Please post your views...

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    Forum distribution need to be changed!! Please post your views...

    I think that NokiaFree is the best of the forums I found recently and a regular visitor since. I always want NokiaFree to be a better place and so why I want to share some of my views about the distribution of the forums.

    As new and new nokia phones are coming to the market everyday, they create a confusion between the forum distribution for which I think the distribution of the forums in NokiaFree should be changed. For eg. consider the following points:

    1. The first example is the 55xx/52xx/62xx/63xx/71xx/72xx forum. Everyody knows that 66xx/72xx series is a lot different than the 52xx, 55xx, 62xx, 63xx, 71xx series (with the exception of 6220 ofcourse). These phones feature a lot of different functions, the biggest of them all are MMS, Wallpapers and MIDI ringing tones.

    2. The second is 65xx/82xx/83xx/88xx/89xx where the introduction of 8910i is a different game altogether. 8910i is in the league of 66xx/72xx series and is much better in features than previous series.

    3. Nokia 3650/7650 and 9110, 9210 are different but share a very important feature: Symbian, but are located in different sections. Both can use same apps/games.

    4. 51xx/61xx are different but like 8910i, introduction of 6100 again shows a different phone in a different category.

    I think that the NokiaFree forums must be distributed on feature basis, like:
    1. Symbian OS : Help
    2. Ringing tones : Links and related problems.
    3. Wallpapers, MMS : Links and related problems.
    4. Flashing/Unlocking DCT3.
    5. Flashing/Unlocking DCT4.
    6. Flashing/Unlocking DCT5.
    7. SMS, Logos, Picture Messages.
    8. Games/Apps : SIS files with Links and related problems.
    9. Games/Apps : JAD files with Links and related problems.
    10. Connectivity - IrDA, Bluetooth and Cable : Help
    11. WAP/GPRS : Help
    12. Hardware Issues.
    13. Software Issues (Firmwares and other general problems)

    I'm not saying that mine is the best way, but someone can always come up with the best solution.

    PS: I don't want to offend anybody by this thread, this is just my opinion, and I want to share it with all of you. If you think that I have posted something wrong, let me know.

    Thank you all of you in advance for your opinion.

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