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Thread: special offer for pakistan !!!free shipping

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    special offer for pakistan !!!free shipping

    Griffin 2.082 (original) + FREE CRD AND CRUSADER
    Griffin with Nokia TDMA 1260 cable
    Griffin Nokia Flasher / Unlocker Software allows you to upgrade software and change language pack on all current Nokia DCT3 and DCT4 generation of Nokia mobile phones, like 1100,1260, 1220, 1265, 3510, 3520, 3560, 3320, 3360, 3361, 3650, 6100, 5100, 6310,6600, 6510, 6610, 7210, 7650, 8310, 8910, 9210, 9210i, 2100, 3310, 3330, 3390, 3410, 5210, 5510, 6210, 8210, 8290, 8850, 8890 etc.
    Free addon's:
    Crusader: SonyEricsson Support. Unlock, Flash, Upgrade Software, Change Language on SonyEricsson T39, T65, T68, T68i, T100, T200, T300, A3618, R600, T66, T600, T610, P800.
    CRDanasonic GD67 - GD87, Sendo, NEC, AEG ,Maxxon, Siemens

    free shipping for anywhare in pakistan
    u may ask for other mobile tools also



    Sagem Code Reader v10.1 is the first software in the WORLD which is able to read simlock code from ALL Sagem phones (no matter SW version in the phone) in just few seconds.

    Witht the supported phones:
    - My-X5m ALL VERSION (old and new board)
    - My-X5d ALL VERSION (old and new board)
    - My-X3d ALL VERSION (old and new board)
    - MW-3026 Load-A-Game ALL VERSION
    - MC - 9xx ALL VERSION
    - MW - 9xx ALL VERSION
    - MY - 302x ALL VERSION
    - MW - 302x ALL VERSION
    - MY - 3036 ALL VERSION


    For reading unlock code from your phone or reset phone code you must open phone and connect 4 cables to Test Points in phone. Test Points are huge so even amateur can do this. After connecting to Test Point you may read code by just 5 seconds.

    It's the only method for unlock these models in the WORLD since new phones don't use FIELDS anymore that are used for calculating code by BruteForce method. Difference beetwen other software is that this software reads code does not calculate it. That's why reading process takes only few seconds.
    Philips Delok Dongle

    Supported phones:
    Fisio 620, 625, 820, 822, 825
    Azalis 238, Azalis 288, Ozeo,
    Xenium Fisio 311, 316, 120, 121


    - Full SIM Locks management (Unlock, Relock, passwords and counters change, operator MCC-MNC change)
    - Languages management (activating and deactivating language set)
    - IMEI change
    - Firmware and Language Pack change
    - Restore phone after bad unlock and Firmware change
    - Flash and EEProm reading
    - Automatic Firmware version detection. Latest version supports 26 phone firmware versions. Now implemented heuristic method for working with unknown phone versions (in other words in 70% of cases you can unlock phone with not implemented in our program firmware version).

    GSM Universal Box - Version 1.08

    - Known as the most complete Universal Box on the WEB with support of your latest phone models.

    Universal Serial Phone Interface
    - Based on Maxim 3232, very important for new phones
    - Indication LED`s for TX, RX, RTS, CTS, power and flash supply
    - This box saves you a lot of money on cables - and have features that normal Datacables don't have
    - It gets external supplied so it works also on Laptops and with Softwares that doesn't enable the power
    - The Box uses RJ45 Plug for connecting the needed Phone cable
    - You can manually switch between FBUS and MBUS mode and also enable a 5V test voltage for flashing some models like Trium and Ericsson Phones

    Mobile phone cables that are included: (61Pieces + 1 Nokia Adapter Cable)

    1) NOKIA 3210 (F/M-BUS) Unlocking; Change Logos and ringtones; change IMEI etc.
    2) NOKIA 3310/3390/3410 (F/M-BUS) Unlocking; Change Logos and ringtones; change IMEI etc.
    3) NOKIA 5110/6110/6150/ 6210/6250 /5190 /6190 /6210 /6310 /7110 (F/M-BUS) Unlocking; Change Logos and ringtones; change IMEI etc.
    4) NOKIA 8210/8850/8290 (F/M-BUS) Unlocking; Change Logos and ringtones; change IMEI etc.
    5) NOKIA 8310/6510 (F/M-BUS) Unlocking; Change Logos and ringtones
    6) NOKIA 3510/3530/3510i (F/M-BUS) Unlocking; Change Logos and ringtones
    7) NOKIA 8910 (F/M-BUS) Unlocking; Change Logos and ringtones
    NOKIA 7210/6610 (F/M-BUS) Change Logos and ringtones
    9) NOKIA 7650 (F/M-BUS) Change Logos and ringtones
    10) NOKIA 6100 (F/M-BUS) Change Logos and ringtones
    11) NOKIA 3650 (F/M-BUS) Change Logos and ringtones
    12) NOKIA 5100 (F/M-BUS) Unlocking; Change Logos and ringtones
    13) NOKIA 6800 (F/M-BUS) Unlocking; Change Logos and ringtones
    14) NOKIA 3300 (F/M-BUS) Unlocking; Change Logos and ringtones
    15) NOKIA 5510 (F/M-BUS) Unlocking; Change Logos and ringtones
    16) NOKIA 9210 (F/M-BUS) Unlocking; Change Logos and ringtones
    17) NOKIA N-gage (F/M-BUS) Unlockin
    1 NOKIA 6600 (F/M-BUS) Unlocking
    19)NOKIA 6650 (F/M-BUS) Unlocking
    20) ERICSSON 388/337/318/218 Unlocking; flashing
    21) ERICSSON 688/788/888/A1018/T10/T18 Unlocking; flashing; IMEI change etc.
    22) ERICSSON T28/A2618/R320/R310 Unlocking; flashing; IMEI change etc.
    23) Motorola T19x Unlocking; flashing etc.
    24) Motorola V60/66/70 (read info only).
    25) MOTOROLA T205/T2688
    26) SIEMENS C25/S25/C35/M35/S35/SL45/S45/ ME45/A35/A36 Unlocking / Connecting / Logos and Ringtones, change IMEI etc.
    27) SIEMENS S30/C30 Unlocking; flashing, IMEI change
    2 SIEMENS S40 Unlocking; flashing
    29) SIEMENS S55 Unlocking; flashing
    30) ALCATEL DB/3XX/5XX/7XX Unlocking; flashing
    31) ALCATEL BF310/311/510/511 Unlocking; flashing
    32) Alcatel BG 525 Unlocking; flashing
    33) ALCATEL BF 715 Unlocking; flashing
    34) ALCATEL OT 320 Unlocking; flashing
    35) ALCATEL OT 535 Unlocking; flashing
    36) PANASONIC G450/G500 Unlocking; flashing
    37) PANASONIC GD30/GD70/GD90 Unlocking; flashing
    3 PANASONIC GD92/GD93/GD52 Unlocking; flashing
    39) PANASONIC GD55 Unlocking; flashing
    40) SONY CMD-C5/Z5/Z15/Z18 Unlocking; flashing
    41) SONY CMD-J5/J7/J70 Unlocking; flashing
    42) PHILIPS SAVVY/Azalis Unlocking; flashing
    43) PHILIPS FISCO Unlocking; flashing
    44) BOSCH 508/509/607/608/718/738 Unlocking
    45) BOSCH 908/909 Unlocking
    46) Sagem 7xx/8xx Unlocking
    47) SAGEM 9XX/MY-5X Unlocking; flashing; IMEI change etc. 4 Sagem MYC2
    49) MITSUBISHI Trium Astral/Geo/Galaxy Unlocking; flashing; IMEI change
    50) MITSUBISHI Trium Mars/Neptune Unlocking; flashing; IMEI change
    51) MITSUBISHI M330/M320/M322I/110: Unlocking; flashing; IMEI change
    52) SAMSUNG SGH600/2100/2400/N100 Unlocking
    53) SAMSUNG SGH2200 Unlocking
    54) SAMSUNG A100 Unlocking
    55) SAMSUNG A300/N400/R2XX Unlocking
    56) SAMSUNG A200 Unlocking
    57) SAMSUNG C100 Unlocking
    5 SAMSUNG S100 Unlocking
    59) SHARP GX10 Unlocking
    60) Old LG Unlocking
    61) LG600: Unlocking
    62) LG1200: Unlocking
    63) LG510: Unlocking
    64) Sendo: Unlocking
    65)) Smart Amazing Unlocking
    66)) Nokia Cable Adapter

    Other parts included in the Set:
    NOKIA 7650 OPENING TOOL - easy unlock slide and open mobile
    RS232 connection cable male/female for connect box with PC



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    How Much Did Cost

    I want universal box 1.08
    how much did it cost to me, and what's the payment method to that.

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    Do you guys supply unlocking device and/or software with cable for gsm blackberry unlocking?
    If yes. How much and how much is it to ship it to Montreal, Canada. I might be coming to Pakistan also.

    Let me know asap.

    Thank you

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