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Thread: Help! K700i Battery Keeps Draining

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    Help! K700i Battery Keeps Draining

    hi all,
    pls i have this problem with my k700i, it discharges the battery too quickly and it also gets very hot.
    a full charge of battery goes flat in under an hour and i cant get to do anything with the fone, it just keeps going down and does not even notify that the battey is low b4 it goes out.
    could you pls help and give advice as to how to go about fixing it? in desperate need


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    sounds to me like a Power Amp problem... any good repair shop should be able to replace it for you... if its not the Power Amp its the Power IC and since i dont know enough about Sony Ericssons i wont give any advice on repairing it yet!!

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    do u know or have the schematics for the fone so i can see where exactly the fault is?
    thanks and please maybe u could get more info on it for me cos i dont have a fone at the present

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