i'm having a problem with my 3210 w/ no signal. i'm trying to flash it with other flash file i download in every site suggested here and my own search in web by no development yet. while trying to solve my problem i notice that at the back of the phone insted on nse-8 3210 which i oftenly see in this forum i found out that the phone i'm trying to fix (no signal) has a nse-9 3210 writen at the of the phone.. do u think that this might be why i wasn't able to fix my phone is because i'm trying to flash my phone with nse-8 3210 flash file. do i have to use nse-9 3210 to flash it in my phone ? any suggestions would greatly appreciated and maybe you can point me to the site were i can download a tested and good working flash file for my nse-9 3210. tanx to all of you guys..