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Thread: 3100 display problem!!!!!

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    3100 display problem!!!!!

    @all 3100 users!

    has any1 faced problem with 3100 phone, i recently bought this(with bill), i see that @ times the display goes off, shows digital time and after that the whole screen is blank(black), pressing any key will display blue screen only!!!! and thats it... sometimes it shows some bright vtl/horizontal lines
    randomly.... or the display will be toooo bright, sometime negative image!!!... this happen eratically!!!!
    Frm vr: 3.10(mfg: 08-08-03, rh-19)

    Once i was playing bowling game, and pressing the 4 arrow keys junk screen with vertical and horizontal line, hd to reboot!!
    I hd 3350 replaced with 3100..... feeling very bad now... is this phone ok???

    Hs any1 come across this!!!!


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    no man its i think a software problem if ur phone is in warranty then go to the person whom u buy that coze i have the same phone but never got this kind of problem sincerely get that phone check by any professional

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    display problems

    I have a 6560 with exactly the same problem. DIsplay turns blue or black and sometime color lines..
    I think it has to do with software, however in my case I couldnt find the firmware update.

    try on nokia software update.

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