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Thread: Nokia N70 - Apps that work

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    Nokia N70 - Apps that work

    Hey guys

    I just got a new N70 from work
    Just wanting to know if anyone has any lists or good resources for what apps will work.. i used to have a 6600 and still have a bit of software, but not really game to try it out until i know whats good.

    I'm looking for a version of fullscreen caller that will work (i think i have 2.03 for my 6600)

    I've tried a few 6600 themes and they work pretty well, i just end up turning off active desktop cause it kinda clashes and isn't really necessary or helpful

    Not sure about games etc either...

    If anyone can help me out i would really appreciate it.. you can get me on email - or PM me etc
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    I recently brought a Nokia N70 too. Any good applications, games, etc, etc that are compatible?

    I was wondering if I could possibly use the internet over a bluetooth connection on my phone?!

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