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Thread: Pathway to glory won't work!

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    Pathway to glory won't work!

    I've just downloaded Pathway to Glory, Xmen Legends and Call of Duty on my Ngage QD. I see the icons on my phone's menu but i can't seem to launch it. I tried launching Pathway to Glory but i keep getting "System Error : 6r72". When i try launching Xmen legends, I only get a black screen. I have all the updated libs (or so i think) for it to work. i currently have asphalt urban gt, ghost recon and piderman 2 on my 128mb MMC and i still have like 36mb free space remaining. I can't think of what the problem is. Can someone help?

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    hey GUS2003 can u plz mail me the game files to <removed>
    plz? i got only 10 n-gage games? i want more? plz can u send me the path to glory and other game files at my yahoo id -- <removed>
    i will be very thankful to you?
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    I've downloaded PTG (Beta & Full), upload to my N-Gage, run smoothly...
    i use 128Mb MMC. Have you guys :
    1. Copy all files to proper place?
    2. Restart your phone?
    maybe it'll help somehow...


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    Maybay you installed something else.. And Libs will be change ?!

    Try format phone *#7370# and mmc too.
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    Damn it! I get the same error with PTG. It used to work perfectly now I get "Application closed: 9r..." or "application closed: mediaserver". I haven't changed anything with my libs as far as I know.

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