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    Exclamation Nokia C3-00


    I am new to the forum so sorry if I posted this in the wrong section. To cut to the chase, I have a Nokia C3-00 which I want to unlock. How do you use your generator to unlock it? Or is there some other way of doing it? Because I can't seem to find a matching model number using the calculator.


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    you can try contacting the service provider to get the unlock code.

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    You had better get in touch with the provider. Or you can look for unlocking codes online and unlock your cell phone by finding an unlocking code.

    Wish you best of luck

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    you can get the unlock code from service provider

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    welcome to this forum...
    Use unlock code to unlock your mobile...Get the unlock code here to your mobile Nokia C3...
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    No, you can't use the generator for the Nokia C3. What network is it locked to?

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    unlock mobile

    their is a special software to unlock nokia c3 .. it must be available on the internet , you should try to search through search engine , if you found any software like that please share the link here .. same problem with C3 having my cousin .

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    Follow the step:
    Go to gsmliberty first and then

    1. Enter Your Phone's IMEI
    2. Select Phone Manufacturer
    3. Please Select Your Phone Model
    4. Select Country and Carrier phone is LOCKED too
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