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Thread: Reset life timer (guide)

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    Reset life timer (guide)

    There are 3 ways:


    Open Knok Pnoenix, form menu "Phone settings" select "Reset all
    (UIV, SCM and call counter) setting"
    Note: THe side effect is that the satting may reset to factory, ad all tha pictures will be as a brand new phone's.

    2nd: By Twister

    First, remember your lifetimer value. Mine was 9999:59
    First, we import our eeprom as a file and we open it with hex workshop. Second, we write our lifetimer's first 4 digits (mine was 9999) as decimal value in hexworkshop's base converter and we get the hex value of it (9999 Dec = 0F27 Hex) and we reverse this value (0F27 -> 270F). Then we write our lifetimer's last 2 digits (mine was 59) as decimal value in hexworkshop's base converter and we get the hex value of it (59 Dec = 3B00 Hex). The last double zeros (00) are not important for us. We join two hex values (Example: 270F and 3B =270F3B) and we search this joined hex value (270F3B) in the file as hex and we get many instances. If we change all of these instances to 000000, so we get a "virgin" lifetimer

    Don't forget to backup your eeprom before doing this trick.

    3rd: Backup your phone (PPM, MCU, EEPROM you can use rolis flasher or knok phoenix)
    The open knok in menu "Erase" select "Erase the hole flash".
    The you need EEPROM file with virgin life timer (0) or normal one (not 9999 ).
    Open rolis from menu "Flash" select "Write" open the EEPROM flash, then click the button that is for your model. Press OK
    you are ready
    You must change the IMEI to original (you may use Nokia tool 3.2x by Jordik)
    You must Just flash back the PPM and MCU
    Warning you may kill your phone if you don't know what you are doing.
    Im attaching the EEPROM for 3310.

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    Unhappy sry, noob

    what is this life timer and why would you wanna reset it?

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