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Thread: Complete newbie help requested

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    Complete newbie help requested

    Having reluctantly used a Motorola brick at work for the last couple of years I recently purchased (second hand) a Nokia 3330.

    Club Nokia informs me that the imei is registered to another person (for the life-time of the phone) and can not be registered to me, therefore I cannot join. This did get me wondering about changing the imei and what else could I do to the phone.

    Having only the knowledge that with a mobile phone I can call people without the use of wires is there a good site/guide that can start me off?

    And BTW how do I change to imei and to what? I've also ordered a data cable what can I do with this?

    Most grateful for any reply.


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    Let me say, changing IMEI's is illegal. That said, search the forums if you want to go down the route of changing IMEI's, there are guides written by people with a lot more experience than me. As for club nokia, as far as I am aware, club nokia is just an owners club and shouldn't stop the phone from working.

    The phone should not work only if it is barred or needs unlocking. (Besides a firmware/hardware fault). If the phone needs unlocking (ie it is tied to a network ie orange and you have a voda sim) then this can be done free without a cable. Just search the forums there are loads of DCT3 Calculators out there.

    Hope that helps


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