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Thread: About the *.RE format:

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    About the *.RE format:

    About the *.RE format:
    00000004000000F44C414D4200000000054D617279000002FC09(0A 01 8E...>>) 0BFFFF
    00 00 00 04
    Index number, should be unique number for all ringtones used in 1 flash.

    00 00 00 F4
    Length of *RE tone block (Mod4 corrected size, also the filesize)

    4C 41 4D 42
    ShortName like 'RING', as far as I seen always in 8bit Capitol characters.

    00 00 00 00
    ? (Always 0)

    Length of LongName string (number of characters, bytes pending 8 or 16bits)

    4D 61 72 79 00
    LongName string, could be as 8 or 16bits and has a zero as last char (0-Terminated)
    As 16bits it should look like 004D 0061 0072 >>)

    00 02 FC
    Start of ToneData (can also be 00 02 FD)

    09 0A 01 8E...>>
    The ToneData itself with note numbers etc.

    End of ToneData

    possibly 0 upto 3 Filler bytes for Modulo 4 Correction, *Re datablocks (=filesizes) always need to be a factor of 4.


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    Hi Mr. NokDoc.
    Could You tell some more about ToneData ?
    How the tones are saved there...

    Is there a possibility to add tones on different octaves than 1, 2 or 3 ?
    (In some RTTL and OTT ringtones I've found tones on different octaves but after converting them with Ludoz's convert03 there was only one (strange) tone for all of these different tones).

    Thank You.
    (PS> Thank You for informations about checksums).

    With Regards...

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    convert *.bin to *.re!!

    hi... NokDoc..can u teach me how to convert *.bin to *.re or *.rttl? is it possibel to convert a *.re to *.rttl? coz i have a lot of *.re and *.bin wan put in my nokia 8250 ringtone but i dun no how to convert *.bin into *.re? pls help... coz u r the best about ringtone..thanks u!!

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    to NokDoc.

    Hi NokDoc.
    what should i do for making all 42 rightones in 3310 of my own ?


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    all my tones

    hi NokDoc :
    how can i make all 42 ringtones (3310 ) of my own ?

    regards :

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    UK, England
    Yes you can!
    You can do it with FLSEdit software!
    Just search for it and you'll find it!

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