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Thread: 3310 power problem

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    3310 power problem

    hi guys.what could b the problem with a 3310 which dies (shuts off) after about 2 minutes of conversation?

    this only happens when u talk 2 somebody..otherwise it is ok..the battery lasts for friend tried 3 batteries already and happens the same thing so i figure it must b a hardware problem..only when u talk..

    so where's the problem?

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    can you enable net monitor and tell us the contents of the following tests:


    20 when talking (does the battery die.. the voltage is indicated in the upper left corner, e.g 448 = 4.48volts, minimum is 3.2 volts or something)

    35 after the phone resets. it gives a reason for the phone to reset.

    39 whenever anything other than 16 0 0 is shown.. gives reasons for phone to drop calls

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    Btw, you need a cable to enable netmonitor

    Just in case you don't know, heres how to enable the netmonitor.

    From what I've read you need a cable (data cable FBus/MBus thingmejig), and it can't be enabled without one.

    Use pretty much any nokia software such as Logomanager or Oxygen phone manager or a specific network monitor unlock software (search for it).



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    unfortunately (or luckily) the phone is not mine. there are thin chances i get my hands on that handset and enable netmonitor on it..however i'm being just curious why that phone is acting that way..

    isn't there any other way 2 debug it?

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    its not much to go on ya see.. if its resetting normally, then its possibly a power failure, circuit failure, or bad/grey sim card...

    its a bit like going into a garage and saying "my mates car engine will tick over fine, but it just stops after 2 mintues of driving. whats wrong with it?"

    and they will say; bring it in, and we will have alook. cos it could be hundreds of different things.. sorry. if you cant get the handset, youre not gonna solve this one. tell him to send texts forever more

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    well i talked him into bringing it over..
    will try the tests and post it 4 u..
    u r damn right man but what else should i have asked?

    p.s. the phone is not resetting, it dies!
    hmm.. what's a bad/gray sim card?

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    a sim card is a tiny computer.. got a processor,mem, rom etc... can take over the phone to do some things.. and like all comptuers can get damaged in some way.. grey is when they are watched byt he network.. not quite blacklisted. if the symtom exists across several phones, then the sim could be faulty or "illegal" in some way..
    sometiems you get afault with the sim connectors or the phone providing insufficient voltage to the sim.. which causes it to malfuntion.. thats why knowing the reset reasons is handy.

    there is another test.. i think its 139. might not have it on your phone, that lists reset counters... if these are high then the phone is resetting a lot. when i flashed mine but didnt update the faid, it reset every 30 seconds.. bumping the counters up each time.. not much usde tho really, cause if test 35 displays a reset reason other than normal, you know sommat is up with the phone

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    not updating the faid makes sense for the phone to keep resetting itself.. but this one doesn't seem 2 me like sim restriction. if this would b the case i wouldn't b able 2 make a call at all or if i could i'd at least b interrupted but not the phone tottally off..
    and u know..another thing..just b4 it dies it makes the
    3 little noises a phone normally makes when the battery discharged..

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    change the battery sir. if that does not work, flash the phone with a downgrade version and follow the exact procedures after flashing the phone like updating faid and everything.

    goodluck sir.

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