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Thread: Help - Panasonic GD87

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    Help - Panasonic GD87

    Hi guys,

    I just purchased a panasonic GD87 from Vodafone in London a few days ago. My friend told me that phones from Vodafones are not locked.

    Now I am back to Canada but the phone displayed a message 'Invalid SIM' when I pop in a SIM card from a Canadian mobile provider.

    Would someone please help me out? Very much appreciated.


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    Vodafone & locking

    The majority of Vodafone handsets are not locked, however the GD87 is a Vodafone live! handset.

    The live! branded handsets do tend to be locked due to the level of subsidy that Vodafone put into them.

    This coupled with the protection of the 'live!' brand led to them being locked.

    There are some people about doing remote ubnlocking for GD87's.


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    Thanks for the tips!

    I got a reply from Vodafone saying that they will unlock for me - if I bring the phone back to the store - for 20 pound. However I am already back to Canada.

    I do not wish to buy any cables and to unlock the phone myself. I am now willing to pay the same amount to have my phone unlocked by someone who knows what he is doing, but I am really not so clear about the process. So all I have to do is to give out the IMEI number and then people can unlock the phone for me?

    I found something like this. Would you guys please advise? thanks!


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    u can not yet unlock panasonic gd87 via imei u have to make a log with a cable and the send the log for calculation

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    GD87 Locked

    Will someone be so kind to give me de codes for a PANASONIC GD87
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