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Thread: Cloning Sim card's

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    No Luck... i have discovered that simcards used by brazillians cell operators are produced by an company called GDBURTI ( and this company uses comp128v2, v3 and other algorithymic...

    Bazanar, try to use cardinal...

    Quote Originally Posted by bazanar
    Al fraja any luck with other sims im in argentina trying the same and nothing they r v1 but nothing y supose they r v1 cause woron 109 if detect something diferent than v1 doesent start the scan.

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    All I get is ??

    Trying to extract my KI using SIM Magic. All I get is ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? after eight hours searching. Does my SIM need unlocking or something? Tried Cardinal and got the same. The SIM still works. Any Thoughts?

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    what about sms in clonning

    what if i clonned the sim card will i be able to receive the sms on both the sim? or it will be on the host card only?

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    2 numbers in one sim

    I understand that sim 8 means i can clon 8 different sim into 1 sim how can I use that sim and how to choose diferent network since 8 network in 1 card,,

    pls explain

    jafar mg

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    thanx alot man

    thanx alot anf go go go

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    Cloning GSM SIM

    I have just recently joined but I am a little familiar with programming smart cards. I have a smart card programer I used for DirecTV smart card cloning and such. This should work on the waffer SIMs shouldn't it? Can I buy a new SIM off ebay compatible with my cellular carrier and erase it then re-write it with a clone of my current SIM? Anyone have a link to a US/CAN site selling GSM compatible waffer cards? THX

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    Tudo bem vc conseguiu clonar seu chip versao 2

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    SPEAK english!

    Change it or I will bann you!


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    Has anyone cloned

    Has anyone cloned a Rogers (Canada) or a T-MOBILE (USA) SIM?

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    Brazilian SIM Cards

    Hi, i'm trying to clone a brazilian SIM Cards, but it's not working because it's a V2 SIM card, there is any way to crack v2 ki cards ?


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    Brazilian Cards

    Hi, not every card are manufactured by gdburti, oldest cards (at least claro, maybe tim either) are v1, so if you get a card from 2002-2004, it should be v1.


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    Arrow sim reader

    Can any body suggest which sim reader is the best to clone the latest sim.and where i shall find it .Pl inform me through my mail [email protected]

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    Smile hi!

    can send me a schematic diagram of sim card cloner and how it is being clone pls..........

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    Hi there,

    I purchased Magicsim 4 in 1 from
    The problem is whenever i scan my Digi (Malaysia) Sim card i crashes.
    I have not be able to use the sim card ... i have changed a few sim card but then still no luck. Few of my friends has done it but they are using different network. I have even tried on their Device but same thing happen .. do i have to use Strong KI in order to find the KI from my sim card. I am scanning my sim card with Sim Scanner v9.0. Please help .. i am almost give up .. but then i though of giving it a try in here.


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    HI guyes
    can all this "Sim cloning"
    be by coping files from one sim card to another sim card

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    Question How to clone T-Mobile(USA) cards?

    Hello, can anyone help me please? I have destroyed 4 sim cards. I get partial Ki numbers about 3 hours then destroyed cards (all USA T-mobile cards). Any suggestions?

    Thanks a lot!

    (Cingualr cards are successfully cloned)

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    Sim Vodafone ? Kuando ?

    Olá a todos
    Será k alguem me diz kuando e como posso lêr o cartão da vodafone pra poder operar as 3 redes no meu Green Card 2. É só o k me falta.É keles na percebem k assim há muita gente k deixa de comprar o cartão pk na pode ter as 3 redes num só, pk essa coisa de ter kandar a abrir o télélé pra mudar de rede é muita chatoo . Lá keles desactivem o nº kuando detectem 2 ecos iguais tá bem , e tá certo .Fica o apelo feito pra k se lembrem k na é assim tão mau ter kuase tudo em 1 .
    Fikem bem .........abraço do Clone.........

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    Hey guys how are you?
    I'm not a spamer and I don't advertise anything so don't ban me please.
    Could you please check out these two sites and check a few links on them and tell do they work properly:

    Best Portal
    and Great Site

    Thanks you very much.

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    Verb "ban" has normally only one "n" dude
    Quote Originally Posted by Salami1_1
    SPEAK english!

    Change it or I will bann you!


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    if i have both sim cards on 2 different phone and both phones are turned on. will i receive sms on both phones? anyone know?

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    does anyone know how to clone a v2 sim card? please help..i already have the hardware..but do i need anythin else in order to clone a v2 sim??

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    Cool Blank V2 card

    Hello All,

    I know IMSI and Ki of my V2 card.

    Where I can buy blank V2 algorithm supported multisim card?
    Is this V2 blank card will handle V1 algorithm also, in order to store V1 and V2 cards inside?

    Thanks for any info you share and have a nice Xmas holidays,

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    Question for the last post

    hey did u find out your information ( Ki and Imsi) of your sim card?

    please let me know


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    trace me if u want to ...
    If you have the IMSI/KI of a v2 ( i don't belive this ) you can put them in the old sim emu for v1's ... it should work. V2 was designed to keep you away from the imsi/ki pair . But... I think every people in this forum would like to see how did you managed to extract data from a v2 card ...

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    Cool V2

    I've said that I knew Ki of my V2 card, never mention "extract".
    I get it form a friend inside mobile operator. (as you wish believe it )

    But not works with ordianary sim card programmers, I've test it on 3 different devices and 2 different cards.
    After ~10 seconds, phone shows "SIM card registration failed".
    Cards just don't support V2.

    I've red that there is programmed Silver and Gold cards with SIM-EMU 6.01 which support V1 and V2 algorithms, but can't find such cards.
    In this card you enter IMSIs and Kis directly in STK menu from the phone. (no programing devices needed).

    So anybody know where to buy proggrammed with "SIM-EMU 6.01" cards ?

    Nice holidays to All

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    Hi guys

    I've managed to clone sim cards from China Mobile, Unicom and some other asian network providers...

    Now Im working on cloning sims from Vodafone UK.

    It seems that I cant get the Ki... (I use Sim Scan 5.01)

    Can anyone tell me why I cant find Ki from Vodafone UK sims?

    Thanks a lot...

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    Whats the use?

    Anybody here use this cloned sim card except as a backup?

    What are its other uses?

    Can it be used as a dual sim?

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    Hello All,

    I bought a SIM-READER, and after getting IMSI and Ki from my v1 chip, I´d like to sell it. I live in Brazil. If you are interested, plz email me: [email protected]


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    I Am Also Confused

    any body can tell me which IC inside in our sim card as that company provide us and another one thing some cards comp128-v2 can't extract (ki) like vodafone how can we get (ki) i 've already try sim_scan v2.01 which software can do this operation succesfully bcoz if we can't extract ki from new sim cards cloning is useless for us i am living in karachi and i hear from somebody they said some people clone telenor and warid who's that i don't know but if they are visiting here please share with us sorry my english is weak

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    Question rogers. sim card

    hi there
    can any one tell me what type of sim card is this.i have Rogers Wireless Sim Card(Canada).some sim card are "GSM 64k and
    32k sim card".can any one tell me what type of sim card is this for Rogers it 64k ir 32k.pls let me know.thx

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    128k Sims?!?!?

    Quote Originally Posted by KnOeFz
    1 For ki and imsi extraction use simscan
    2 For building hex files for flash and eeprom use sim_emu for silvercards, twinsim or kissme or some prog like that for goldcard.
    3 Burn flash and eeprom to card with Icprog or whatever soft you like.

    Note: I haven't build Dejans schematic myself, so I really can't help you out with that.

    and for 128k sims? (Comp128 v2)


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    sim-emu configurator-lights

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    solution to clone V2 sim card!!!! it works for me!

    Hi to all,
    i just want to share this with you:
    if you need to clone a comp128 V2 SIM card, you must know some things;

    -It's impossible to clone this SIM (comp128 V2)!

    -how to solve this:
    you must tell your operator that you have a phone or car radio whith gsm function or anything else whit GSM function, and this cant read your SIM card, if they don't know what to do, sugest them to change your card to an older one!

    It's work to me!!!!
    visit my home page:

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