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Thread: Tutorial - How To Flash Nokia Dct-3 Phones

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    Lightbulb Tutorial 3) - How To Flash Nokia Dct-3 Phones

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    Thumbs up EXCELLENT !!

    Thank you!!
    This thread should stay on top of the list, as it includes EVERYTHING a newbie needs in regards to "flashing". Could it be placed directly below "rules" in all forums that support DCT-3 phones..? Because many people ask those questions all over again.
    Moderators, i am sure that could be arranged..?

    Thanks a lot....
    your Thanh

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    Could we steal this for the faq

    Steal probably isn't a good word, fancy donating this mate?

    Great work, very concise



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    sure - put it as a"sticky" tread on top of the FAQ or so ...


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