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Thread: Unlock codes for my 8310e?

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    Unlock codes for my 8310e?

    Anyone help with unlocking my 8310e?

    Handset: 8310e
    Network: Orange UK (sorry - don't know how to get the network number thingy)
    IMEI: (is this the serial no.?) 350844109829264


    ps what do i do with the codes or can someone send a link to advise what to do?

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    IMEI: 350844109829264
    MCC+MNC: 23433
    TYPE: UEM2 - TYPE2

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    Cheers for that.
    Any instructions?

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    need help as well...

    Nokia 8310e
    IMEI 350844109195203
    MCC+MNC: 23433 (Orange UK)
    TYPE: UEM2 - TYPE2

    I already punched in 3 wrong codes. Am I in a risky situation? If you'll send me the whole 7 numbers I wouldn't be able to punch them all in, right?

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