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    Post Forum FAQ Forum FAQ

    The FAQ has been put together by a lot of individuals who have shared their knowledge. It has been compiled by bobl, but the knowledge and support has also come from the following, in alphabetical order:

    chunkhead, dr.bizar, gkagg, mexusbg, slikmik, Thanh <+ Other names, I'm forgetful>

    There are also several tutorials and guides posted at the bottom of this FAQ, download them and take a look!


    It is an on going project, questions and answer may be changed/added/removed. If you have a correction, addition or question, please PM bobl, or post here

    1) What is unlocking?

    When a phone is bought from a shop, it is often "locked" to a network. This means you can only use SIM cards from that particular network. Unlocking makes it possible to use any SIM card in that phone.

    2) How do I unlock?

    The method you use to unlock is dependent or what type of Nokia phone you have, please see later in this FAQ to determine what type of phone you have.

    "Codes", or restriction codes as they are known are phone specific, based on the IMEI and operator.

    If you have a dct3 Nokia, you can either get the code from your provider after one year or cable unlock. Warning, your operator may charge for the unlock codes, even after one year, apparantly Orange charge 20 in some cases, but not all. If you wish to cable unlock, you need a F/Mbus or pure MBus cable and software such as NokiaTool by Rolis and, of course, a computer! Your local market will probably have a stall for unlocking mobiles, look out for cheap phone covers, the stall keeper will probably unlock your phone for around 10.

    If you have a dct4 Nokia, take a look at question 5.

    3) What is flashing?

    Flashing is changing the phone's internal software, or firmware. This can be done to upgrade to a newer version which has bugs fixed, or to modify the phone's features (add ringtones, change graphics, add features). In some cases, flashing can change a phone's model. (8210 can be 8250, 3310 can be 3315). It is called "flashing" because the phone's operating system is not on a hard disk, but in a chip which is direct programmed, a "flash memory" chip, hence "flashing".

    4) How do I flash?

    Located at the end of this thread are many tutorials and guides. Download them and read them!

    5) How do I unlock with restriction codes?

    If you want to unlock your dct4 Nokia by code unlocking, post your IMEI number, your network code and your phone model in the dct4 unlocking forum.

    To get your IMEI number, type in *#06# into your phone and to get your network code, look up the network in a list.

    Before posting, ENSURE your IMEI number and network code is correct, this will save time for both you and the generator as well as preventing code lock outs. You only have 3 goes to enter a code, so ensure you get it right, after that it's cable unlock only!

    Once you've received your codes, it will look something like this:


    Take out your SIM card, then switch on the phone. It will prompt with "Insert SIM". Type in code 7 VERY carefully:

    To get the "+" press the * key 2 times
    To get the "p" press the * key 3 times
    To get the "w" press the * key 4 times

    The phone should say code accepted, and reboot, then prompt "Insert SIM". Switch it off, insert the SIM you want to use, and it should be fully working with signal.

    6) Do I have dct3 or dct4?

    dct4 - 3510i, 6100, 8910, 8910i, 8310, 6510, 6310, 6310i, 6650,6800, 7210, 7250, 6610, 3650 and 7650.

    dct3 - 3210, 3310, 3330, 3410 etc (Basically Nokia's that aren't in the above list and aren't really old). This also includes the 2100.

    7) What is a SIM card?

    A SIM card is a "Subscriber Identification Module" card, a small board containing a chip which holds your phone number and also some memory for use as a phone book or SMS bank. There are 16k and 32k SIM's around which have different sizes of memory available. A GSM-phone won't work without a SIM card, except emergency calls to 911, 112 etc... depending on countries.

    8) How can I get free SMS and calls?

    There are no secret codes to get this sort of thing. The closest thing for free SMS is a free SMS centre (aka SMSC). Search at Google with "SMSC" and you'll find plenty of them. Be aware that they don't last very long! And remember to note down your default SMSC that came with your phone.

    9) What operating system should I use?

    Overall, for flashing and unlocking, nothing beats 98SE since most programs are written for this operating system. However, you can use XP and unlock without any problems with NokTools by Rolis, so long as you switch compatibility mode on. Flashing is slightly problematic on XP, as you require Userport. If you really must use Windows XP, then it is advised to duel boot with 98SE.

    10) What are the MCU, PPM and EEPROM?

    These are the three parts of a FULL flash file.

    The MCU (Micro Control Unit) SW is the main software which initialises the phone on startup, and where all the needed functions for proper operation of phone is stored. So the MCU is actually your phone's operating system. Don't mess with MCU SW unless you wish to UPGRADE current software with new one, that have fixed bugs, or got some new functions. The MCU of the Nokia is based on ARM architecture (Advanced Risc Machine). Most of the code uses Thumb instructions. For those interested in ARM specifications : this site has detailed information.

    The PPM (Post Programming Memory) data block defines different user groups, like language groups. Since there's a lot of languages and fonts over the world the RAM wouldn't be able to hold all this information, so nokia made the PPM format. So when you see a PPM language pack "A" don't be puzzled, "A" just defines which languages the given PPM packet holds. In one PPM file there is approximately 1->20 different language groups. The PPM also holds your ringtones, and menu structure. (very funny, but hardcore to mess with)

    The EEprom (Electrically Erasable Programmable Read-only Memory) holds all your "personal" information Like IMEI number
    If you don't have a clue on what your doing, DON'T mess around inside the eeprom block at all, due to the fact that changing IMEI, or other ID data in your phone, is considered illegal, and will give a sentence of up to 5 years, in some countries. But if you "accidently" fuck up your IMEI, do not PANIC just use "Noktool 1.8" (see the guide "I screwed up", included in dr.bizaro's guides at the end of this FAQ)

    11) What type of cable do I need?

    There are different types of cable:

    A FBus cable (aka M2Bus or data cable) is used for uploading tones and games while being also used to unlock phones. These sometimes come with switches to switch between FBus and MBus mode, but most are now autoswitching. They are also used for setting the IMEI and FAID. This cable connects to your serial (or COM) port

    A Flash cable is used for uploading or downloading the flash to or from your phone. This cable connects to your parallel (or LPT) port.


    Those aren't questions, don't post threads like this. CLEARLY state your question in the thread title. This will mean more people will read your thread and a great chance of getting an answer.

    But before posting, use the search function, both at Google or at NokiaFREE. The question you are asking has probably been asked before, try researching before posting for more help!
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    One for luck

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    Chunkhead's rolis flashing tutorial

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    Chunkhead's knok95 unlocking guide

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    Dr.Bizar's tutorials, covering many aspects of Nokia phones.

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    Chunkhead's guide to the "Contact Service" problem

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    Chunkhead's knok95 3310 to 3315 guide

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    Bobl's above attachments have now become corrupt! Below are my tutorials again! DO NOT POST IN THIS THREAD!

    Rolis Flashing Tutorial : A step by step, pictured guide to flashing DCT-3 phones with ease!

    Knok95 Unlocking & FAID Update Guide : A step by step, pictured guide to unlocking your DCT-3 phone and updating FAID! This method should be used after every flash, and can also fix many thousands of software problems! This should be your first port of call for repair!

    Knok95 3310 => 3315 Conversion Guide : A simple, pictured, step by step guide to converting your 3310 into the improved 3315! Compatible with ALL 3310 versions!

    Contact Service Repair Guide : Step by step, pictured guide to diagnosing and repairing DCT-3 phones in "Contact Service"!

    Water Damage Repair Method : Step by step, pictured guide to recovering a water damaged phone! This method can also repair thousands of little hardware problems! *REMOVE BATTERY NOW IF WATERDAMAGED!
    A friend will bail you out of jail! A true friend will be in the cell with you saying " Shit, we really fucked up this time!!!"

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    Since the move, all the tutorial have been deleted! Here they are again to solve the confusion!
    A friend will bail you out of jail! A true friend will be in the cell with you saying " Shit, we really fucked up this time!!!"

    [B]Please visit the [URL=]FORUM FAQ[/URL] before posting a question![/B]

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