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Thread: Alcatel 311 KJ155 Games

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    Exclamation Alcatel 311 KJ155 Games

    Hello to All!

    I am from Bulgaria.My name is Anton and i have a little experience in Motorola hacking.Now I have Alcatel 311 with ver.101.
    My question is:can I upgrade the software with ver.103 KJ155 / which have Games/ or NOT?
    Can somebody tell me where I can find It or send me full flash of ver 103.In Bg is difficult to find this version.

    I will be glad to share experience about GSM hacking at all.Not only Alcatel.Sorry for my bad "%English"

    my e-mail is : [email protected] ###847#

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    yes is possible.

    but the problem is that u must change display settings after flash and the software for it is not free.

    about how to patch firmware read my old posts in this section
    Bau !

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    Need a flash!

    Hello again!

    Thanks for the Answer
    Where can I find this flash?I need all 2 mb for changing the software/or I make a mistake?/.Can somebody send it to me,PLS.

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    do u know anything about cloning bf 3?

    if not just go to a service center and ask them to do it for u

    is safer
    Bau !

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