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Thread: i want to make tuning on 6150

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    i want to make tuning on 6150

    How can i do fade in/out light's on my phone ( nokia 6150)

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    Fading Lights


    Do you know how to flash your phone? do you know how to edit your phones flash, if so download this program Nokia LED Fader, if not go to the forum FAQ and read the basics on how to flash the phone...


    Procedures on using Nokia LED Fader v1.4

    1. Download the program (link below my post).
    2. Extract the ZIP file to your desktop.
    3. Double click the NFADER file to run the program.
    4. Click the Select File option and open your 6150 flash file (*.fls)
    5. Check the boxes for the Fade On and Fade Off Option.
    6. Check the KILL CS/FAID option
    7. Click Apply.
    8. Flash the LED fading modified flash to your phone

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