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Thread: i want to make tuning on 6150

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    i want to make tuning on 6150

    How can i do fade in/out light's on my phone ( nokia 6150)

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    Fade in/out

    1. Download NFader 1.4 in the download section
    2. Download G3N0lite 1.7b in the download section
    3. Download Nokia Flasher by Rolis 4.78
    4. Download Nokia tool by rolis 1.8
    4. Put your 6150 on your dejan flasher set (to the LPT Port) but powered OFF
    5. Start Flasher by Rolis
    6. Select 6150 in the mobiles list
    7. push green button, then power on SHORTLY
    8. After Read, store .fls file in any directory
    9. Open Flash with nfader, click apply and save it to disk
    10. Open the just created file with g3n0lite
    11. Click "Kill MCU Check", "Kill FlashChack/FAid", and "Fix all checks" and save it to disk
    12. Open Nokia Flasher, select phone, click red button, select the last created file, and flash it into phone
    13. Open Nokia Tool, power on phone, push Update Faid an software reset some 20 sec. later.

    Greetz, SuBMaSta

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