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Thread: Enquiry about 5100 for all 5100 owners

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    Question Enquiry about 5100 for all 5100 owners

    Hi there ,
    i need to know what is the stand by time for 5100 ( in peractical ) cause Nokia says from 150-300 hour , Where in real life mine only stay 48 hour ????? Even the radio stayed 8:30 hours on the internal hands free ( nokia says 8 hours ) .

    also i need to know the code for " SIM Clock Stop Allow " feature & if that phone support this feture or no ?

    i tried the code on other sites & it worked on other model ( 3310,5110,6110,6510) but not on mine ??? , so if there is a new code please supply .

    Also the Vibra on games doesn,t work ? ( may be cause the default games that somes with the phone doesn,t support ? but i need a confirm from anyone who owns 5100 please .

    Thanks in Advance .

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    with the battery that was supplied with mine (the BL-4C) i get a standby time of around about 4 days (100 hours) with standard usage of a few phone calls and plenty of SMS messages received/sent

    very quick to charge too, about 30 mins full charge it seems

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    very strange !!
    i have the same battrey & same Charger ( ACP12E ) & our Voltage is 220v ?

    the charge time is 1:20 to 1:30 hours & i also notice that the Battrey become worm during Charge !!! ?

    please tell me if you get this worm during charge !!

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    i havent realised my battery being warm during the charge, but it likely is due to resistance

    ill check next time i put it on charge

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