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Thread: 8310 Sim Card Registration Failed

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    8310 Sim Card Registration Failed

    8310 Sim Card Registration Failed - Does This Mean The Phone Is Stolen - And Only Fit For Spares - Or Can It Be Repaired

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    SIM CARD Registration Failure

    SIM CARD REGISTRATION FAILURE can be caused by either by:

    1. Your SIMCARD has already expired (not used for 4 straight months)

    2. You flashed your 8310 and did not enter the original IMEI (original IMEI is a big factor in SIMCARD registration) after flashing. (Can Be Repaired) (Post If this is your problem)

    3. The Unit (8310) is stolen and it's serial number was reported inorder to be blocked.

    Spare parts is NOT a factor in SIM CARD REGISTRATION FAILURE because you can transfer any 8310 spare parts through any other 8310 phones.
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    If your phone is barred on all networks in UK, you can still sell the stolen phone to other countrys on Ebay, as no one will notice that it is stolen.

    A stolen phone that is barred in UK will work in ANY other country EXCEPT UK. So if, for example I buy it, I can use it in Austria.

    If you want to sell your 8310, contact me.

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    If it is in a Pepsi case and found on a train to Cardiff it's mine so give it back

    if not, it is still probably been lost/stolen and therefore will be barred in the uk on all networks.

    Humm I see some bugs in the forum

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    how it will be repaired? if it is blocked or barred...

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