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Thread: Installing Java Games over WAP

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    Question Installing Java Games over WAP

    Sorry if this has been asked before, I know how annoying it is when noobs post same old questions... but I went for a hunt and couldn't find anything.

    My girlfriend has just got a 6100 and she is whinging at me because the games on it are crap.
    She hasn't got a data-cable or IR-adapter so the one way I can get stuff on for her is via WAP.
    I found a java game and put both the JAR and JAD files on my webspace. I used my 7650 to try and browse to them. It doesn't let me install the JAR file, and when I download the JAD file it starts to install the game before displaying an error.

    I opened up the JAD file in Notepad and altered the "URL" line to point to the JAR file on my site. Then I repeated the process with no luck.

    Anyone know what I am doing wrong? Has anyone else managed to install Java games over WAP?

    Cheers in advance.

    The files are:

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    Most likely because the .JAR file doesnt exist.
    I get a 404-File Not Found error trying to access it.
    Make sure its uploaded properly, correct name, case, etc.

    If you get that fixed and the same problem comes up try editing the .JAD file to encase the entire URL.

    Hope this helps.

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    Lightbulb Webspace must support that! Hotlinking.....

    Quote Originally Posted by qasdfdsaq
    Most likely because the .JAR file doesnt exist.
    I get a 404-File Not Found error trying to access it.
    Make sure its uploaded properly, correct name, case, etc.
    Same here... tried it, got 404. Make sure your webspace does support files of type "jar". I give you a way to get things done for free, the way i did it myself:

    Go to and there sign up for a free web account. You then get an URL like Tripod got a dead-easy to use file manager, and lets you easily create folders via website, you can also FTP up- and download.
    I recomment that in your new webspace, you put a file index.html to make it look like a homepage. Then create a folder, and name it "games" or whatever you like.
    Upload now your game files, both jad's and jar's, into that folder you just created. Don't worry about the jad's, leave them as they are, you actually don't need them, just upload them there.
    Then use your phone's WAP browser to grab the file. Browse to it's location by entering
    Access the jar, not the jad! The phone will download that file, which may take a little while (up to a minute, depending on file size) and will then display the game's name and size, and offer you "Dnload". It IS ALREADY downloaded at that time! Just confirm, and the game will install, most likely under "applications" instead of "games", but that's the way it is.......

    Important! Make sure you got a index.html file there. tripod does not like it's accounts being used for storage purpose, so a homepage has to be there!
    Tripod does allow uploading files of type jar (executable) and jad (JAVA descriptors), as well as hot-linking (accessing those files directly without going thru a tripod website), thus enabling downloads via WAP.
    You can use the very same web account to upload .mid files, which you can download by WAP and get polyphonic ringtones :)
    Make sure that the games you are uploading are for Nokia series-40 phones! Any game stated "For 6610/7210/7250" etc will work on the 6100. games made for 7650 and 3650 most likely don't, they are different! The same goes for ringtones.

    I hope this was of help......
    Kind regards

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