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Thread: Nokia 8210 Strange Power Up Fault

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    Question Nokia 8210 Strange Power Up Fault

    I have a Nokia 8210, on first inspection the phone appears completely dead and will not power up. No LED's come on, no sound from the speaker and nothing on the screen.
    When I try to flash the phone using Rolis Flasher 4.79 on the first attempt after pushing the power button the following message is displayed:
    "Preloader init error: Phone RAM is bad or You selected the wrong phone type".
    If I try a second time to flash the phone without removing the battery the following message is displayed:
    "Power off mobile first the connect"

    If I remove the battery before reflashing the first message is displayed again. So it would seem the phone is partially powering up but showing no physical sign of doing so.
    Has anyone experienced this problem before? Do you think the original message of the phone RAM being bad would be accurate? or could there be a different hardware or software fault?


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    Increase the delay index in Rolis to 3, then 4 and then 5! Keep trying! Persistance with this will revive your phone!
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